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Challenge on the Charles

The next event in this years CCBC event series. The Challenge on the Charles at Community Boating in Boston. A 4 mile race around the basin of the Charles River, great venue and race route. Through the lagoons of the esplanade next to the hatch shell out into and making a loop around the basin between the Kendall and Mass Ave bridges.
Followed by a great party with good food, music of the Smokin Jackets, Barefoot Wines, and no CCBC party would be complete without some tasty Wachusett Brews.
Raffles for all kind of great gear. Naish 14′ Glide, Kialoa paddles, Maui Jims, Tevas, artwork and lots more.
Join us as we present the folks at Community Boating with 6 full setups of SUP gear, huge thanks to the folks at Naish and Kialoa for their help doing this. We’re looking forward to seeing all the groms paddling the Charles.
Going to be a great day.

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Freakin Fog

Fun day at the rivermouth

My last two sessions underlined just how much my sense of balance relies on vision. Last saturday started out clear for a a paddle down the coast to a rivermouth break. No issues on the way down, and the surf was fun. The paddle back sucked though. Fog came in pretty heavy and that killed me even though it was just a little bumpy. I ended up knee paddling back and even that was tough at times. Head was spinning, dizzy almost the whole way. The sea blending into the sky and not having the broad horizon to provide focus sends my balance out the window.

Todays session was just the opposite. Same spot but today it started out foggy. Thankfully it was like glass so even though I was feeling unbalanced I managed to stay upright. The fog burnt off just about the time I arrived at the rivermouth. Sweet waist high waves all over the place. I stowed my gear on the beach and gave my head a chance to settle down and paddled out. Two hours of fun surf then the wind got on it and the tide changed. It got very confused and bumpy but the direction was perfect for my paddle back to the harbor. I paddled out a mile into it and then turned downwind for the ride home. Even as bumpy and confused as it was I had absolutely no problems…even getting some nice glides on the windswell. Fingers crossed we have a nice clear day for CCBC 2011.

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Getting My Head Back into It

It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted anything. My brother Dave’s death last August, two days before the CCBC, affected me in ways that don’t seem reasonable. Somehow this blog became associated with it. Every time I’ve tried to write here it hurt. Maybe its a feeling of guilt. Dave had a heart attack and drowned while trying to help someone keep their sailboat off the rocks. Dave was a big guy and I often thought that SUP might help him like it did me. We talked about it but I just never got around to getting him on a board. Then he was gone. When someone who’s always been there for you (I’ve always been his “little” brother) dies and you feel like maybe there was something you could have done….tough expressing the depth of the pain. I still tear up when I think of him. I’m still having a hard time writing here…silly I know…but it is what it is.

I need to get beyond it though and writing here again may help in a small way. The primary reason for starting this blog was to share my passion for the sport. Hopefully encouraging others that might be struggling with health issues, particularly those with balance problems like my own, to get out and push themselves beyond where they may have thought possible. It’s not easy for most folks to understand what standup means to me. It gave me a normal life again. It lead to the creation of the Cape Cod Bay Challenge with my good friend Mike. Now with the help of a lot of others I’m giving back in a way that gives meaning to my life that for me is only approached by how being a Dad makes me feel. Last year the money we raised helped 16 kids and their families while they underwent treatment for cancer. I’ve never been involved with anything with such special purpose.

So it’s time to get back into it. To spread the word about what this amazing sport has the potential to do for folks and to promote the importance of the CCBC and the event series we’ve grown around it. A piece of Dave lives on inside me. Not just in the DNA. I know how much he cared about people and I hope I can do his memory justice.

Thanks for always having my back bro, I love you and miss you.

CCBC Ohana in 2010 helping brother Bill and I get through it.

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For the kids – CCBC events 2010

For the kids – CCBC events 2010.

Great summer…come join us next year!

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Liquid Gold

Dawn patrol on the Cape today with some of the CCBC crew. They were already on it when I got there at 5:30 am. LOTS of SUPs in the water today despite it being more thana bit bumpy…everyone jonesing obviously.

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Wellfleet SUPathalon…what a freakin blast!

We couldn’t have asked for much better conditions.  Glassy with a little swell to make the race fun and interesting and the pre and post surf sessions sweet. Thanks for a great start to the Cape Cod Bay Challenge event series everyone….great job Christa and Jody.

Don’t miss the second race of the summer. You can register here….don’t wait…remaining slots are filling fast.

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Cape Cod Bay Challenge Animoto

Cape Cod Bay Challenge.

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If you don’t get downwind after this……

Best downwind video to date….come on crew lets get some going here….so many great runs available to us here….a natural.

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Path to Nirvana

Waist to chest high and glassy…what a great day.

Classic Cape Cod

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There’s hope for me yet. 80 year old inspiration

I’ve had this post as a draft for awhile…actually happened a month or so ago. If anyone knows this lady please contact me…While I did give her my info and info about the CCBC I’d love to invite her directly as a guest of honor to any of our events she might like to attend. True inspiration.

Talk about being shocked! Last Sunday Sue and I went for a nice cruise paddle in Onset. Nothing shocking about the paddle…Onset is a beautiful place to go for a nice quiet cruise. This is tough to explain if you weren’t there. Like any red blooded male I appreciate a well put together member of the opposite sex. As we were getting our boards off my truck I noticed someone else down the beach a couple hundred feet doing the same. First time I’d ever seen anyone else on a SUP there. Slender figure, obviously well toned muscles, strong shoulders…OK…you get the picture…..I thought she looked hot.

She came walking down the beach to say hi….she saw the race number on my board from the previous weeks Run of the Charles, turned out she was there too…racing in a kayak. As she got closer I realized she was older…she was talking to Sue when I strolled over. I was watching where I was walking over some rocks and didn’t look up until I got up close….HOLY SHIT….she’s not just older…she’s OLD!  Turns out she is 80+ years old and found SUP this past winter…bought herself a Uli and now rented a board to get her friend…another 80+ year old out for her 1st SUP experience. OK…now…it’s unusual enough to find someone at 80+ that is in such great shape and getting her friend out for her 1st time at 80+ but that isn’t all there is to the story. I was thinking how amazing it was that they were out for a cruise. We spoke for a bit and then Sue and I started our paddle….down into the estuary…a nice easy paddle on a sunny day.

Things changed on the way back…wind picked up…blowing into our face of course…enough to kick up some whitecaps. After fighting it for  a 1/2 hour or so Sue was getting a bit tired and starting to struggle. We decided to take a break and headed in to the beach across the wind. While we are standing there talking who comes around the point paddling hard into the teeth of the wind but our two octogenarians. She was actually having fun paddling hard into it. Her friend was struggling a bit and was on her knees but hey…she’s over 80 and its her 1st time..still amazing . They stopped to talk for a bit and then her friend and my wife hugged the beach to make their way back to our starting point.

I was paddling out a few hundred yards and then turning with the wind to have some quick little glides on the whitecaps…she thought that looked like fun and started doing the same. Seeing an 80 year old woman on a SUP is surprising enough….watching her paddling a 10′ Uli out into some stiff winds was simply awe inspiring.

I hope this means I have another 30+ years ahead of me on the water. Thank you for the inspiration

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