Standup paddlesurfing in New England and anything else that I feel like writing about that might relate. Good places to eat and get a beer after a session. Places to stay or see if you’re traveling to the area.

Ask any questions you might have in the comments and I’ll get back to you with an answer as best I can.



  1. Hey Bob,

    Let me know if you make it down to Narragansett this summer. We wil have to meet up.


  2. Hi Ryan,

    I was actually thinking I should get down there before the summer. Regardless I’ll definitely give you a call.

  3. Bob,

    I just came across the site and am glad to see more New Englanders’ getting out there! The content is good and I love the GoPro videos. I’m looking forward to getting plenty of stand up paddling in this summer when things go flat and hope we can connect for a surf sometime soon. Keep up the great work…

  4. Hi Collin,

    Glad you like it. You should consider joining us for the Cape Cod Bay Challenge this year. Should be a fun…if somewhat tiring paddle.
    Love to hook up for some surf. I get up to the north shore occasionally. See you on the water.

  5. bob-

    i just came across your site as i search for info re: sup in new england. i haven’t yet tried it, but am hoping to locate an ‘all levels’ club or someone who instructs newbies. looks like a great time & a great workout.

    thanks for any help you can provide….cailin

    • Hello Cailin,

      I don’t know of any clubs forming just yet. Hopefully soon…maybe I should start one….:)

      If you want to give it a try to see if you’ll like it I’d be happy to help. You can demo Starboard boards with me or you can contact either Cinnamon Rainbows in Hampton, N.H. or Sailworld Cape Cod in Buzzards Bay, MA , they both do demos on a regular basis. If you are still interested in lessons after that I can help you. I’ve been thinking about providing lessons myself for awhile. Where are you located? Are you interested in starting now or waiting until next summer? We will soon be in wetsuit season. I have a number of boards that are good for beginners to start on.


  6. Nice blog. Saw your posts on Standup zone and checked the site out. I like it. I’ll list it on Distressed Mullet if that’s ok and subscribe to your posts. Keep up the good paddle and stay warm.

    • Hi John…nice blog to you too. I added you to my links and subscribed to your feed too. Jealous of your trip to Typhoon Lagoon…looked like fun.

  7. I just bought my first SUP board and can’t wait to get in the water. I have never SUP before, but have been surfing for the last 8 or so years. I learned to surf in San Diego, where I lived for awhile, but since moving back east found myself getting out less & less. Hoping the new SUP board will change that. Anyone know any good spots (lakes, ponds, rivers, ocean, whatever) around Canton, MA? Cheers!

    • Hi Jeff, I’m not sure if there is access to get out on Ponkapoag Pond and you can’t paddle the reservoir…at least I don’t think so. My wife is originally from Canton and her Dad still lives there. I SUP fairly frequently at Nantasket in Hull…not too long a ride for you. Surf when there’s waves or you could go out on the bay side at high tide. Come down to Plymouth sometime, mostly flat in the bay but sometimes the waves can be good and there is always the harbor and Duxbury Bay for flatwater. I usually have to travel for surf, Cape , Nantasket, or R.I. usually. This time of year its all ocean paddling of course…all the fresh is frozen solid. We’re in the early planning for the 2010 Cap[e Cod Bay Challenge in August. We’ll be doing a few races as well. North Shore, Charles River, South Shore and the Cape most likely. Let me know if you want to get out sometime. We’ve got a crew of guys that are training for the CCBC and we hit the surf whenever possible.

      • Thanks Bob. I did find access to Ponkapoag Pond. I’ll probably start there, then make my way over to the ocean once I get a feel for the board. CCBC could be a goal of mine by summer 2011. I’ll keep you posted.

        Has anyone ever paddled on Lake Massapoag in Sharon? Looks like it could be a good spot.



        • I’ll have to come up and join you sometime. I’ve skated on Ponkapoag (long long time ago)

          Never been on Massapoag but any lake/pond with access is a fun paddle. I go out on Sampson’s Pond down here occasionally. I’m hoping to paddle the Charles River sometime this summer. A long sightseeing cruise…get dropped off in Newton and go all the way to the Hatch Shell.

          Have fun.

  8. I don’t know if this is going to help you up North, but I’ve been wearing wool socks under my booties and the extra insulation has made a huge difference. I really wish I could do that Cape Cod Paddle. It looks like it’ll be amazing. Send me all the race info you have and I’ll post it to my events list. I’m up visiting family in PA, NJ, and NYC every once in a while, so I’d love to figure out a few races while I’m up there. Paddle on.

    • No question wool socks rock….my Mom actually knit me a pair that I use and now she’s making me a pair with a split toe…:)
      Love to hook up sometime for a paddle. I’ll definitely send you more info on the race series as we get them planned. I’ve already given a lot of thought to the 1st one…something I’ve had in the works for awhile. See the Race to Rock post. https://newenglandsup.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/race-to-the-rockand-back/
      I’m hoping to get down to Va and the Carolinas one of these days. I was hoping to make the Cold Stroke but no such luck.

  9. Hi Bob,

    I am doing a blog/link section on my new website and I am looking for an email address to where I can send some information. My email is mschievella@supsporter.com

    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back from you.


    • Hi Matt,

      Looks like a nice piece of gear. I’ll definitely post it…email sent.


  10. I’m hosting 2-4 races this summer. If you make the journey, I can find boards, a place to stay, whatever you need. Even if you come to the SUP CUP or SE Championships, we can hook you up. For our races, we have a long open-ocean downwinder, a long waterway paddle, and an ocean format similar to the battle of the paddle planned. We need to get the permits straightened out, but it looks like they’ll all happen. Let’s keep in touch.

    • Very cool…hope I can make it for one at least.

  11. Bob,

    I’m a Boston Globe correspondent writing about SUP on deadline, interested in a phone interview if you’re available. Thx!


    • I’d love to talk with you Patricia. Definitely a lot going on in the SUP scene this summer. See the website for the Cape Cod Bay Challenge. My buddy Mike and I started it 3 years ago….great time for a great cause. We have a race next week in Wellfleet, another on the Charles at Community Boating in July, the CCBC in August and, an end of summer cruise in Humarock in Sept.

  12. I’m in the process of moving & wanted to know if there’s any good paddling around Providence, RI? I’ve surfed Naragansett, which is great, but was looking for some place closer to the city. Is there any paddling in East Bay?

    • Not sure how I missed this comment. Anyway…anywhere there is water you can paddle so sure. A friend is thinking about a race on the Providence river.

  13. Just found your site. Recent transplant to Plymouth and the day we were moving in I could see that shoal at the end of Plymouth Beach firing (think it was hurricane Igor). I have since learned I can’t drive up there without a good 4×4 so I am working on paddling. Don’t have a SUP so working to convert an old windsurfer. If you are still around Plymouth and see a guy prone paddling on an old windsurfer, say hello.

    • Hi Matt,

      Welcome to Plymouth…..you won’t see it firing very often but when it does its a great spot. I’m just getting back on the water…knee injury finally healing enough. I’ll be out there often. I usually have an extra board and paddle with me. If you want to give SUP a try just yell

      • Thanks for the offer! Hope to see you out there.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been paddling for almost a year and a half now and love it. I would like to eventually get involved in some local races/paddles. I currently have a 12 ft SUP ATX, but would like to get a better racing/touring board, probably in the 12 to 12.5 ft range. Any suggestions?



    • Boards are so personal it’s tough to recommend anything. I always recommend demoing. Depends on your size, height and weight, skills, balance, what you’re hoping to do with it, My favorite boards might not suit you at all. Racing boards are particulary tough to recommend, Naish javelin, Starboard free race, Hobie…so many choices and each different. Look for some demos in area shops, Cinnamon Rainbows, Luminate, Sailworld and others do them fairly regularly, nor’easter is having its first wednesday night paddle of the season tomorrow night (6/1) and has a few manufacturers there. You might also consider going custom Vec shaped my 14’er and a friends 12’er. At his size he is faster than I am on my 14.
      Good Luck

  15. Hey there,

    Just wanted to see if you are still hitting Plymouth? I’ve been doing some prone paddling again and was wondering if we would cross paths. Hoping to pick up a SUP very soon but the prices are kind of crazy.

    Anyway if you see a dork on paddling on an old sailboard say hello. And if you still have two boards would love to give it a spin.


    • Hi Matt,

      Absolutely…did 20 miles last weekend in and around the bay. Let me know when you would like to get out. I can always bring an extra board and paddle. You should come to some of the CCBC events. Next up is the Challenge on the Charles, July 16th. We’ll have boards there to give it a try and you can get a raffle ticket for a chance at a Naish 14′ Glide…very sweet board. The party is going to be all time, good food, music, Wachusett Brews, barefoot Wines…lots of other gear and stuff we’ll be raffling as well. http://challengeonthecharles.eventbrite.com/
      Nothing wrong with paddling an old sailboard. Some are a great shape for a fast SUP. The winner of our 1st race was on an old Mistral and blew away the field.


  16. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on where my hubby and I could paddle/celebrate our 10 year wedding annaversary on/around 9/1 ? We both have SUP’s…willing to travel…. bringing the pup…added bonus 🙂 Thanks and Happy Paddeling!
    P.S. Anyone in/visiting RI?

    • Hi Deborah,

      I’ve been paddling on the Providence River in Pawtuxet Cove. There’s a nice spot to paddle out in George B Salter Memorial Park in Warwick.

      If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out.



  17. Hey Bob, Just found this blog; Can’t believe a week ago we were paddling across CC Bay! What an amazing event! One I will never forget! I am surfing the internet for any and all info on other races, downwinders and events etc as I am completely obsessed! I appreciate your advice and am looking at a few different racing boards but plan to keep my Naish 14 ft in the hopes that we will begin to see some downwind races in New England in the near future. Do you have any ideas? I am sure there is a lot of work involved but how great it would be to do some events on Nantucket sound. (falmouth to Hyannis or the Vineyard to…..) I wouldn;t know where to start but I see huge potential for the sport here on the Cape. Hope all is well with you! Thanks for organizing such an incredible fundraiser. It was my first SUP event but it won’t be the last!

    • No question about the potential for downwinders on the cape. I was hoping to get a crew together to downwind Irene. Sandwich or barnstable to plymouth. Great thing about the cape is that it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing you can always go somewhere. I keep talking to Patrick (he was on his self built custom carbon 14’er for the CCBC) about using the vineyard ferry as a downwind vessel on the sound. Be a fun if somewhat short run. i’d love to do the outer cape in a nuking south wind. so much potential.

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