Posted by: newenglandsup | March 6, 2012

Big and Bumpy

Windy and rainy, but not bad for the 1st of May. A few of the CCBC crew hit a local spot Saturday and it was going off. 1.5, 2x overhead. The wind and very shifty peaks made getting on one tough but when we did it was a wild ride. I’ve been on bigger waves but the double overheads I caught today were meaner somehow. Must have been all the rebound off the shore and the two points.

The paddle out was tough. Rocky shoreline and boulder strewn water makes for a tough entrance ,and exit as you’ll see. Took a few on the head. My buddy Craig’s leash snapped on him so he had a fun swim before he even caught a wave. There were 6 or so shortboarders on the left peak so we jumped on the right. Breaks a little smaller but more consistant. 3 hours of scrambling for waves on my 9’er and I decided to go in for my 12-6. Mistake…even though the 9 was tough with no glide in the wind the 12-6 was bouncing all over the place in the crazy rebound. The picture looks clean but that was a rare lull.

The day was going great. The sun even came out. Then I tried getting out. The tide had come up and the waves were now crashing hard against the rocks. This wasn’t going to be easy. I was the last one in and the other guys had all gone through an interesting exit. Mine was just painful. Slammed onto the rocks and washed around a bit. I’m going to be sore and bruised for a week.


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