Posted by: newenglandsup | February 15, 2012

A post a day

So much for what I said below,,,:). Just not enough time in a day.


OK…I need to revive this thing and I have a good excuse to do it. I’m going to try and get lean and mean for the upcoming racing season. Lot’s of races to get in shape for this year most especially the CCBC events of course but I’m also going to try and make as many others here in New England as possible…maybe a couple of road trips as well.

I’m going to document my progress here. Starting this coming weekend I’ll be charting my diet and exercise. A post a day with at least that…hopefully more as well. I’ll be setting up a training calendar and I hope to get on the water at least 3 times a week. Wish it could be more but the rest of life gets in the way. I’ve also setup a workout circuit in my backyard for days when I can’t get on the water but it’s nice to get out and for the days I can’t do either at least a good aerobic workout inside. The focus is to lose weight. There’s no getting around it.  Lighter equals faster on the water. I also need to build my endurance. If all goes as planned I should be a lean machine come fall surf…..fingers crossed.



  1. Aloha Bob , My name is Josh Angulo and I’m a new resident to Nahant , MA. I’m originally from Hawaii and brought our family brand Angulo Hawaii over with me. You can check it out at

    I just wanted to touch bas in case there’s any type of cooperation/ stoke we can do together. I’m in the Cape Verde islands til March 1st, but can be reached at 781 605 7439 after march 1st or anytime by e-mail

    • Hi Josh,

      Sweet to have you local. Small world….one of my favorite boards ever was the 11-11 prototype your Dad sent over for the 2008 Maui Board and Paddle Showcase my brother Bill did at launiupoko beach park. Amazing SUP shapes right from the start. I actually mentioned just the other day on standupzone that I’d love to have that board as an all arounder for cruising break to break on the Cape. Great cruiser that still surfs well…especially for big guys. I heard you were around…saw some pics of you on the Cape awhile ago.
      The SUP scene here is starting to catch up to other areas. This year there is at least one event per weekend starting in June. I’ll be hitting all of them…or at least as many as possible.
      I’d love to talk. I’m just starting a business selling brother Bills new paddles. Lots to do to get started.


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