Posted by: newenglandsup | January 6, 2012

NewenglandSUP and Kenalu Paddles

Ke Nalu logo
If you haven’t heard the buzz yet about the new Ke Nalu paddles you soon will. My brother Bill and his partner Lane have created a paddle that is blowing folks away with how great they are. You would think that a tool that has been around as long as a paddle wouldn’t have that much room for improvement. All you have to do is read through the comments posted on standupzone to understand they have something special.
247 comments in the post and every person that has posted a review is amazed.

So you can see why I’m so stoked to be the Ke Nalu dealer for the north east. 3 blade sizes available, Wiki-8″ (84 sq. in.), Maliko-8.5″ (95 sq. in)., and Molokai-9″ (105 sq. in.). Shafts in 100 flex 90 and 60 (60 being the most flexible) 4 handle types, Ergo, ergo T, regular T, and extended ergo T (allows for adjustable length).  The 8″ Wiki is the lightest paddle on the planet….442 grams….crazy light. They’re all light (Molokai is just 499 grams) but that’s just nuts….feels like a feather. They also grab water like bigger blades, have zero flutter, and enter and exit the water so smoothly you almost wonder if there is anything there.

Another awesome feature is how they are constructed. no ferrule joining blade to shaft so no edge just smooth carbon. They have a carbon fibre  I-beam reinforcing the shaft blade connection and are as tough as padddles that weigh 2-3 times as much. The coolest thing…they go together with hot glue. If you happen to run over your blade or crack your handle on a rock or something you can easily order a new piece and fix it using just a blow dryer. After having dealt with fixing other manufacturers broken paddles and what a pain it usually is how cool is that.

I’m going to be doing demos all over New England and the northeast (look for a calendar here shortly) and if you’re interested drop a comment here and I’ll schedule one near you.




  1. Interested in demo’g a Wiki paddle. Any chance you’ll be coming up to NH, or do we need to head south? 🙂

    • Hi Dan,

      I’m going to be coming north next weekend. I’m going to be meeting with some of the shops up there that are interested in carrying Ke Nalus. I’ll definitely be in Manchester, MA at Surfari, and SOPOSUP in Portland, ME. I’ll be at Cinnamon Rainbows later on. Haven’t talked to the other shops up there yet but will be shortly.
      I’m going to try and get out for a paddle at both places. The more the merrier and nice places to paddle.

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