Posted by: newenglandsup | May 27, 2011

Freakin Fog

Fun day at the rivermouth

My last two sessions underlined just how much my sense of balance relies on vision. Last saturday started out clear for a a paddle down the coast to a rivermouth break. No issues on the way down, and the surf was fun. The paddle back sucked though. Fog came in pretty heavy and that killed me even though it was just a little bumpy. I ended up knee paddling back and even that was tough at times. Head was spinning, dizzy almost the whole way. The sea blending into the sky and not having the broad horizon to provide focus sends my balance out the window.

Todays session was just the opposite. Same spot but today it started out foggy. Thankfully it was like glass so even though I was feeling unbalanced I managed to stay upright. The fog burnt off just about the time I arrived at the rivermouth. Sweet waist high waves all over the place. I stowed my gear on the beach and gave my head a chance to settle down and paddled out. Two hours of fun surf then the wind got on it and the tide changed. It got very confused and bumpy but the direction was perfect for my paddle back to the harbor. I paddled out a mile into it and then turned downwind for the ride home. Even as bumpy and confused as it was I had absolutely no problems…even getting some nice glides on the windswell. Fingers crossed we have a nice clear day for CCBC 2011.


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