Posted by: newenglandsup | June 1, 2010

There’s hope for me yet. 80 year old inspiration

I’ve had this post as a draft for awhile…actually happened a month or so ago. If anyone knows this lady please contact me…While I did give her my info and info about the CCBC I’d love to invite her directly as a guest of honor to any of our events she might like to attend. True inspiration.

Talk about being shocked! Last Sunday Sue and I went for a nice cruise paddle in Onset. Nothing shocking about the paddle…Onset is a beautiful place to go for a nice quiet cruise. This is tough to explain if you weren’t there. Like any red blooded male I appreciate a well put together member of the opposite sex. As we were getting our boards off my truck I noticed someone else down the beach a couple hundred feet doing the same. First time I’d ever seen anyone else on a SUP there. Slender figure, obviously well toned muscles, strong shoulders…OK…you get the picture…..I thought she looked hot.

She came walking down the beach to say hi….she saw the race number on my board from the previous weeks Run of the Charles, turned out she was there too…racing in a kayak. As she got closer I realized she was older…she was talking to Sue when I strolled over. I was watching where I was walking over some rocks and didn’t look up until I got up close….HOLY SHIT….she’s not just older…she’s OLD!  Turns out she is 80+ years old and found SUP this past winter…bought herself a Uli and now rented a board to get her friend…another 80+ year old out for her 1st SUP experience. OK…now…it’s unusual enough to find someone at 80+ that is in such great shape and getting her friend out for her 1st time at 80+ but that isn’t all there is to the story. I was thinking how amazing it was that they were out for a cruise. We spoke for a bit and then Sue and I started our paddle….down into the estuary…a nice easy paddle on a sunny day.

Things changed on the way back…wind picked up…blowing into our face of course…enough to kick up some whitecaps. After fighting it for  a 1/2 hour or so Sue was getting a bit tired and starting to struggle. We decided to take a break and headed in to the beach across the wind. While we are standing there talking who comes around the point paddling hard into the teeth of the wind but our two octogenarians. She was actually having fun paddling hard into it. Her friend was struggling a bit and was on her knees but hey…she’s over 80 and its her 1st time..still amazing . They stopped to talk for a bit and then her friend and my wife hugged the beach to make their way back to our starting point.

I was paddling out a few hundred yards and then turning with the wind to have some quick little glides on the whitecaps…she thought that looked like fun and started doing the same. Seeing an 80 year old woman on a SUP is surprising enough….watching her paddling a 10′ Uli out into some stiff winds was simply awe inspiring.

I hope this means I have another 30+ years ahead of me on the water. Thank you for the inspiration


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