Posted by: newenglandsup | April 13, 2010

Be Careful Out There

If you’ve ever checked out Standupzone you’ve no doubt read some of the great photo essays and travelogues that David John…DJ has posted…always a fun read with some light hearted humor thrown in. This one is different….sit at the edge of your seat kind of stuff. He’s very lucky he made it home…and only DJ would think of taking pictures while the shit is hitting the fan and his life is in danger. 

Great down wind conditions...until you're 4 miles out and your leash breaks...

I can’t imagine thinking anything but “OH SHIT”….but DJ takes some pics as his board flips away in the wind…:) 

Bye Bye Board

Lots more pics and the whole story on the zone.

Not sure how many people are doing open ocean downwinders out here but make sure you think about the safety aspects….wearing an inflatable PFD, carrying a waterproof VHF and/or GPS transmitter, and even carrying flares is cheap insurance. I’m thinking double leashed too for conditions like this.


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