Posted by: newenglandsup | April 12, 2010


I was planning on getting in my 1st serious distance training paddle Sunday. Getting ready for the 2010 Cape Cod Bay Challenge involves lots of distance paddles. The wind wasn’t cooperating though. 15-20 mph out of the NW with gusts of 25-30. I decided to combine some hard paddling with a downwind run. Long Beach is 3 miles to the tip of the peninsula from the parking lot….a long slow, 2 hour paddle almost straight into the wind with some choppy windswell constantly slamming the nose…sometimes I felt like I was going backwards. Despite being in boardshorts and a rashguard in early April and heavy winds I was sweating bullets when I finally made it to the far end. I stopped for a bit to let my arms and shoulders stop twitching and drained the rest of my hydration pack 

There is nothing quite like the feel of a downwind run…especially when you’ve earned it by battling your way upwind. only problem with doing it that way is they are too short. The 2 hour upwind battle gave me the rights to a sweet 30 minute gliding run. My 14′ Vec is such a pefect board for it…nothing like having a board thats made for you. There wasn’t enough fetch at the beginning to get much of any swell but I was cruising back just relaxing….once the swells picked up a little I started getting some nice glides…such an amazing feeling to just slide along so effortlessly. Time to start pulling some crews together for real downwinders. once folks have tried it they’ll be hooked.


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