Posted by: newenglandsup | March 21, 2010

New Sandbar at Plymouth Beach

Got out at Plymouth Long Beach last Thursday. Small day…thigh to waist at best but still some fun. Got there late in the afternoon and surfed until after dark…with the help of a few friendly headlights. Found there is a new sandbar. The town placed 100’s…maybe even 1,000 yards of sand onto the cobble area of the beach last summer. Mother nature decided she didn’t like that….a couple of storms and now the beach is all cobble again and we have a new sandbar to play on for awhile. Runs intermittently from the end of the parking lot north towards Saquish. Furthest sot out is about 100 yards. Makes for some nice long rides…the bar curves from its furthest point out in a long arc towards the beach. Even small swell will work there now. I went expecting some very short shore break or maybe some short rides over the shoals at dead low tide but the bar was working from mid tides down. Hope it lasts for awhile…one or two more storms and it could be gone completely.


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