Posted by: newenglandsup | March 9, 2010

Maliko Rewind

Brother Bill’s posts on on Maui downwind runs has me going a bit crazy. Next big wind I’m getting out…hope I can find a partner. Always easier with someone else.

I had to post these Animoto’s of the Maliko run again. Gets my blood pumping just watching them. These are all from some heli shots that Darrel Wong did for Mark Raaphorst at Sandwich Island Composites….SIC indeed.

Mark Raaphorst…proving R&D can be fun.
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Scott trudon and Livio Nenelau on a pair of F-16’s
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When people tell me they aren’t interested in downwind I know that most have never tried it. Some days its better than surfing. I know…sacrilege,,,but true.

Going to start using the Marthas Vineyard water taxi as a shuttle….A good strong south wind and the sound will be a great place with the perfect downwind shuttle service. Cruise over to Oak Bluffs and blast back into Falmouth Harbor.


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