Posted by: newenglandsup | February 14, 2010

Finally a new suit

It’s been a COLD winter. My old 4/3 has been leaking like a sieve…functioning more like a 2. An exclamation point was put on my need for new rubber a few weeks ago at Nantasket….got rejected in heavy beachbreak for 1/2 hour…lots of time down in the water and ended up with mild hypothermia….everything turning blue…chattering….couldn’t get warm despite a 1/2 hour in my truck with the heat on full. Good thing I got out when I did. Finally managed to get a session out of that day by driving down to Plymouth …warming up along the way….and getting in there where it was slightly smaller…Plymouth has some channels to make getting out easier too.

I also needed new boots and gloves. My biggest problem was nobody local having a 3xl suit in stock. I’ve been looking at all the suits out there and had somewhat decided on the xcel infinity. Had some great recommendations on other suits but I wanted to look at the xcel 1st. As it so happened I was headed up to Maine to the HQ of my new employer for a few days so decided to give the folks at Cinnamon Rainbows a call. They’ve been great supporters of the Cape Cod Bay Challenge from its start so I was happy to hear they had a 3xl Xcel infinity x-zip2. It’s a bit of a cardio workout to get the front zip up over my shoulders but what a nice suit once its on. Great flex, toasty warm, rugged construction. Got a good deal and brought it home. Wish Dave Cropper had been at the shop…my buddy Mike says he’s a great guy and I wanted to thank him for his support…next time…what a great shop….excellent service…lots and lots of goodies.
I had already bought new gloves and boots at Sailworld in Buzzards Bay…another supporter of the CCBC and Jim is another great guy with a great shop.

Tested all of it out yesterday…no surf unfortunately, but I was toasty warm for the 4 mile paddle I did in Plymouth Harbor. Can’t wait for a good swell…looks flat for awhile though….at least when I’ll have time…figures. My timing sucks…weekend no swell….workweek…supposed to be chest high and glassy. Oh well…happy to finally be back at work. Just can’t wait for longer days so I can get out. Going to do a long paddle tomorrow. Very happy to be back in the water without freezing.


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