Posted by: newenglandsup | December 21, 2009

Ice N Snow — Merry White Christmas

A long week of no water time. Lots of shoveling this weekend, 18-20″ of snow, but I was shoveled out in time to see Avatar on Sunday. Private showing almost. 

Getting ready for my 1st granddaughter tomorrow and my daughter is moving back home so the honey do list is long.

I was so tempted to say to heck with all the stuff I’m supposed to do and just go for a paddle…I think that would have been tempting castration though.

       Vec 14 Nose Icicle         My 9-8’s under there somewhere.

Merry Christmas all.



  1. Hi Bob – probably best stick to the chores – I reckon you have had enough bits cut off already this year!! Have a great Xmas and a healthy new year. Regards Steve.

    PS. What happened to Bob’s Tail handle post? It was just getting interesting. 😉

  2. Hi Steve,

    Yeah, I’ll wait for the post Christmas swell thats in the forecast and keep all the pieces in place.

    Look’s like all the references to Sam are gone. Not sure of the reason…maybe at his request? Shame that hookipa thread caused such carnage.

    Merry Christmas and a great New Year to you too.

  3. That looks cold. I can’t complain here when you’re covered in snow. Thanks for the reality check.

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