Posted by: newenglandsup | October 16, 2009

Weird Wednesday

Some days you just get lucky. Well 1/2 lucky anyway.

I went down to Plymouth beach on Wednesday expecting to get a workout in some 2′ chop. I brought the Vec 14 with me. Figured I’d paddle out a couple of miles into the wind and then get a mini-downwinder back in.

I was very surprised when I came over the hill to see some good sized waves breaking. When I got to the beach it looked pretty good…a bit messy but the winds were lighter than expected and coming out of the NW instead of the NE as forecast. I was thinking I should have brought a different board…like my 10-6 or 11-2…later I was wishing for the 9-8.

I jump in the water and start paddling out and I see this hump coming into the bay. WTF! where did this come from? The first one hit and glassed off the break. Head high and smooth and I’m not in position…@#$%. Road up and over the whitewater of the 1st few and then sailed over the last ones…almost felt airborn with 8’+ of board sticking out the backside.

I was hoping there would be more to come. I had just looked at the cams at Nantasket and checked the buoys and saw nothing of this. Most of the waves were waist to chest and choppy..offering some fun but nothing to get excited about. every 5 minutes or so though another head high set would come through and I would let the 1st couple clean things up and then choose the juiciest of the rest for a long ride. Dead low tide and they were breaking on the outer shoal. Pretty rare anyday never mind when you aren’t expecting it.

I only had a couple of hours available or I might have run home and grabbed another board. I still had a lot of fun on the 14 and was happy to have the chance to try her in some bigger waves but as the wind died down and the waves got even smoother I was really wishing I had my 9-8 with me. Very frustrated that I had taken the 11-2 off my truck when I put on the 14.

The faces were steep and I kept catching a rail on the 14 until I started stepping way back. Loooonnnnggg smooth turns and 300 yard rides to the beach…turn and paddle out and get there just in time for the next set.

I’m very curious about this swell. I’ve asked around a bit and so far nobody else seems to have seen it. I’m assuming some folks on the south shore must have seen it but I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Best explanation I’ve heard is swell from a storm off Newfoundland….still weird that Plymouth had such nice waves though. Conditions seem to be setting up for a similar day early next week….fingers crossed….when Plymouth beach is working (very rare) its as good or better than anywhere else in New England. The multiple shoals make for some great breaks and very long rides.

Headed back out tomorrow morning for a victory at sea workout paddle….bringing a couple of boards though just in case…:)


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