Posted by: newenglandsup | October 4, 2009

Some Newport Glass

Convinced my wife to join me on a trip to Newport today. A few hours of fun surfing and them a drive and walk around Newport.

The waves weren’t big…thigh to waist…a rare set chest high, but they were glassy. This is the 1st clean session I’ve had since I’ve been back on the water so it felt pretty nice. Early October low 70’s with the water in the low 60’s and I’m trunkin it. Everyone else in wetsuits. And I was warm from the workout. You have to love that standup allows a much longer season in trunks.

Somewhat mushy but still fun.


Sue can’t help herself taking pictures of seagulss. I think it’s because she hates them so much.

There were some nice breaks working further out. Maybe next time its a little bigger.

After 3 hours of surfing we took a ride along Ocean Drive…..what a gorgeous spot….

and into Newport proper.

Fun day…good time on the water, nice time with Sue…..then came home to watch the Pats beat the Ravens on my DVR while eating a tasty supper in my favorite chair. Now off to the hot tub and then bed. Going to sleep well tonight…:)


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