Posted by: newenglandsup | July 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Sing that to Aerosmith not Roy Rogers.

This is the longest I’ve gone without getting on my board in two years. Just shy of 4 weeks without water…damn am I thirsty…:-). It took a few docs cutting a hole in my head to do it but finally I’ve been able to get back out.

First run was a real quick test with family…found a problem in that because my left eye won’t close by itself yet that the wind was drying it out and very bothersome. Had to paddle with both eyes closed often which for a guy with balance problems is tough. Went to see the doc the next day and he gave me the go ahead to get back out (good thing). He also gave me a transparent eye patch that works great for keeping my eye moist and wind free. Too bad I forgot it on my second run…a 4 mile training run. Won’t do that again…my eye was dry and hurting by the time I finished and was a pain the rest of the day. Outing #3, a 12 mile paddle was great…eye patch working pretty good. I definitely have a lot of training to do to get ready for the CCBC on August 15th. Last couple of miles of the 12 I was feeling it.

So anyway…those 4 weeks sucked. It’s things like this that make you appreciate what you do have though. I never thought having a brain tumor removed could be a positive experience but with all that time to think and reflect it makes the smaller problems seem so petty. Our time here is fleeting. Make sure you spend your time wisely. There are no refunds.


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