Posted by: newenglandsup | June 22, 2009

Standup Journal- pictures worth reading.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”…of course we’ve all heard it said but never was it truer for me than the last few days.

Things were pretty blurry the first couple of days out of surgery. Double vision…especially when trying to read was a problem. I’m glad I had the Gerry issue of SJ for the stay. No words necessary. But I read every picture multiple time. When pictures are so good they can take you mentally to a location, when you can feel your legs compress beneath you, or hear the slap of the chop, it’s something special. Thanks to Clay and crew at SJ for such a great mag! I’d look at the pics and close my eyes and mind surf. Definite help over a couple of tough days.



  1. glad you’re back, bob. and that you at least got to mind surf while you were gone!

  2. Hey Bob, have you been catching some fun sup seshes between raindrops lately?

    • I wish! Been a tough summer. Had my first wave session (July 24th) since surgery, small waves and choppy. Still fun though and good workout. On the 25th I went in to the hospital for infection and ended up getting admeitted….they opened me up again to clean it out. Very frustrated, won’t be paddling the CCBC.

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