Posted by: newenglandsup | June 7, 2009

Demo Days

A very fun demo today with Jim Ballantyne from Sailworld in Buzzards Bay. We had 10 boards on the beach and 15 or so folks out to demo. Most of them had either some surf or windsurf background and it showed. They did a lot better than I did my 1st time out.

We had a range of boards. Starboards…12-6, 11-2, and 9-8. Oxbow…11-6 and 10-0, C4…10-6, Bic Jungles…10-10, Southpoint Timpones….10-6

Lots of smiles and very interested folks. I definitely think some addictions were started today.

I think Jim is planning on starting to do this once a week or so all summer. Give him a call if your interested in checking it out.

I was going to be doing demos myself all summer for Starboard up and down the New England coast but life has thrown a bump in the road. The brain tumor that got me started in standup has started growing again so I’m headed in for surgery mid-June. I’m going to have to postpone doing any until later…probably late August. See you on the water then.



  1. Hi-just fournd your blog recently. Tried SUPing briefly last summer in Kihei on a Big Red, fell on my back in shallow reef paying more attention to trying to catch a tiny wave than to where I was going! Considedering trying to find a dual purpose SUP/light wind windsurfer for flat water exercise, occasional surf attempts.
    Hope all goes perfectly well with your surgery, and you’re back on the water before July!

  2. Hi Phil.

    Ouch! I had a nice scrape on my leg from a coral head at the cove in Kihei. Seems I always feed the fish a little skin on trips to Maui…:).

    Lot’s of boards are available with mast base attachment options now. Definitely all the Starboards. You’ll want to demo a number of boards before you make a choice.

    Thanks for the well wishes…unfortunately it will be 4-6 weeks before I can get back on the water. Just in time though to get some training in for the Cape Cod Bay Challenge.

    Hope you get some waves.

  3. Hi Bob – take care – get well soon – thinking of you on this side of the pond. Steve

    • Thanks Steve…this is going to make things interesting thats for sure. I’m just hoping that I recover quickly enough to paddle on Aug. 15th.

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