Posted by: newenglandsup | June 1, 2009

Fun weekend

Hit the Cape on Saturday and caught some nice waves coming in from the south wrapping around for some long rides. Nice enough day for just boardshorts and a rashguard. I was the only one though…great to be so warm blooded and on a standup board. It was nice for about 2 hours then the wind shifted onshore and it got a bit choppy…wave size picked up but the tide coming in made for some hard short rides.

I finally managed a nice hard layback cutback without falling in. Actually felt like I have some skills this weekend…:)

Sunday was fun but a heavy south wind made for tougher conditions. Fast swooping wind driven rides with a mixed swell that was bowling up and making for some fun floats off the lip. A great workout paddling back up the beach against the wind each time to get position for the next ride. Time for a relaxing flatwater cruise today.


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