Posted by: newenglandsup | May 16, 2009

Fun with the girls.

Cruising with all the girls today in Falmouth. Loaded up the truck and headed down to Jacqui’s place to pick up her and the dog..Kasha.
We jumped in at Old Silver Beach and paddled up the inlet.
standup standup paddleboard

Jacqui was riding the Obow 11, Sue the Starboard 11-2, and I was on the 12-6. Kasha had her 1st ride on a SUP today. She was a little tentative with me but very comfortable with Jacqui.

Back under the road.

My sister Carol tested out a board for the 1st time today and did great. A lot better than I did my first time. Only fell once and even that was very controlled. Flat but wind blown conditions. We’re going to go out in Onset Bay over by her..always glass over there.

Fun day with the family. Come on Nic….



  1. Looking for other SUP’s to train with for CCBC in Falmouth or nearby Cape

    • Hi Keith,

      I got your email. I’m in Falmouth occasionally but I’ll be out of action for most of July. We’ve got some paddlers on the outer Cape but nobody in Falmouth or nearby. I ‘m sending a response to your email shortly

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