Posted by: newenglandsup | May 8, 2009

Long Training Run

First long training run getting ready for CCBC 2009. I added to my usual long run by pushing it outside a little further and sticking in close to the Gurnett and Saquish. The stripers are back in the bay. Saw a big group of schoolies in the shallows off Saquish

This run was 12 miles very light winds the 1st 7 miles then the wind kicked up…in my face of course…for the last 5. It’s always interesting going over Brown’s bank…strange seas…but the wind and chop added in makes it no fun. Great workout but its a battle, especially when you’re already tired.

Cape Cod Bay Challenge,SUP,standup paddling
I just kissed the edge of Brown’s Bank today. On a day with decent swell and an outgoing tide it makes for some very fun waves. Some ridiculously long rides.

One of the houses on Saquish. Great beaches…very remote spot. Quiet place to hang in the summer if you know someone with a house or cottage. A nice SUP paddle from Plymouth Beach…:)

I took a short break once I made it back onto the Plymouth Beach side. About 9 miles in with 7 and 8 fighting current, chop, and wind…tiring. I really wasn’t looking forward to the fight down the beach….the wind had started gusting a bit…blowing some whitecaps. Seems like whenever i get down to this end of the beach the wind kicks up into my face.

Headed to the Cape tomorrow for a dawn patrol. Hope my shoulders agree in the morning.



  1. Bob – Nice route, and great photos too! I can’t wait to be out there and to see it wth my own eyes!! What camera were you using? I’m in need of a new camera, and any input would be great.
    Aloha – Scott

  2. I just used my Go Pro wide. Not really the best choice for this. You really need to remember to get REAL close fpr landscape pictures. I had taken some pics of Gurnett light but I was probably 300 yards off and thats too far. The 1st pic looks like I was about that far off but I was actually only about 150 yards from that house. I like the Go Pro for its simplicity and utility though…mounting options are cool too.

  3. Hi there. Trying to learn more about SUP. Sorry to bother you. What kind of board would you reccomend for a big guy (6 foot 240) beginner to use in Cape Cod Bay? I am thinking of getting a board and paddle for my husband for Fathers Day. I think he and I will love it. Any and all tips appreciated.


  4. Hello Allison,

    You came to the right place to ask questions about big guy boards…I have a few inches and pounds on your husband…:)

    If you think he would most likely just paddle flatwater for enjoyment and the workout then something like the starboard 12-6 x 30 cruiser is a great board. If he might get into the surf occasionally then the 11-2 x 30 ultimate blend is a great board that can do both. Take a look at the board showcase on kenalu.
    I was the 260 lb beginner you’ll see on the reviews of the big boards. I own both the 12-6 and the 11-2 and would be happy to let your husband try them out if you like.

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