Posted by: newenglandsup | May 5, 2009

Win a new paddle!

I won a new paddle from Kalaoa Paddle Company. Talk about stoked! I heard they were having a monthly contest and decided to enter and was lucky enough to win. They are doing this as a monthly promotion. This months question is “Who make the best Standup boards?”. Go here to enter.

Aprils topic was “What is the most interesting thing you have seen while Stand Up Paddling?” . I got real lucky because only 9 people entered and they ended up picking the winners name out of a bag.

Here is the story I told:

I’ve had humpback whales surface close enough to me that I could smell their breath. Been surrounded by 100’s of seals in wave churned waters off Cape Cod . Watched a bluefish chase a mackerel right into the wave I was on….I could have reached out and touched it. Almost collided with green turtles off Maui on my 1st downwind runs. Watched spotted rays fly.

Witnessed amazing displays of earthly beauty. Waiting for the next set at Kanaha while the sun set on the other side of the west Maui mountains, throwing rays of sunlight streaming up, setting the clouds on fire and sparking a double rainbow over the Io Valley….magic….the air itself glowed. Que the breaching whales just beyond the break and perfect glassy sets rolling through…what an amazing day!

I’ve seen fast friendships made from sharing a passion and paddling for a cause in the Cape Cod Bay Challenge. I’ve watched the old grow young again. I’ve seen the hard work and the challenge beat back disability.

All this and the most interesting thing I’ve seen is the big smile on my daughter’s face when she first experienced standup. Despite the choppy windy 1st day all she wanted to know was when we could go again. All I could think was “I wish I had found this at her age”. Once the weather warms she gets her 1st board.

Her 2nd time out…nothing like tossing her in and seeing if she can make it. She admitted to being a bit freaked out but loved the glass beyond the break on this beautiful sunny day. Wait until she catches her 1st wave. The hook will be set deep then.

The extraordinary thing is that those are just a small fragment of the amazing things I’ve seen in the short year and a half I’ve been on a SUP. It certainly makes me stoked to see what the future holds. I can’t wait to get the whole family out at once now that we have the boards to do it. My youngest daughters 1st try was a real crappy windy day that started to rain so I really can’t wait to get her out there again on a nice day…and i’m working hard at getting Sue into her 1st wave. I’m hoping for a family party wave sometime this summer…:)

To see all the April entrants stories…some interesting stuff…

Thanks to the folks at Kalaoa for a great contest and a great prize. Here’s the reason i’m so stoked….should be here in a few weeks.


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