Posted by: newenglandsup | April 21, 2009

Newport Jazz

I went on an expedition of sorts on the south coast of Massachusetts on Thursday and ended up at Easton Beach in Newport, R.I.. Hooked up with some nice chest high waves, some coming in very clean. I kind of wish I had left out the expedition part because I could have had a much longer session than the two hours I managed to grab.

The good thing about the expedition was looking at spots for future reference. Definitely lots of exploring to do. I’m particularly interested in Horseneck Beach. It was flat today at the point in this S.E. swell but with a good south swell it would be working.

Don’t fall in the roses

Waiting for a south swell

The offshore ledge a mile out would be a fun way to spend a day. I could see it breaking but didn’t really have the time today for that kind of paddle out. Definitely a spot to hit down the line. I also took a ride to Acoaxcet in R.I., not a particularly friendly spot for visitors.. moneyed and I don’t think they want to share from all the “no parking vehicle will be towed signs”. Certainly a beautiful place and I guess I can’t blame them for wanting to keep it that way. Gots to be a way to put in nearby and paddle out though.

I have some video of the expedition but its boring as hell and unfortunately it used most of my SD card getting it so I only got a short series of pics of the nice waves in Newport. This little vid is a series of those pics…don’t blame me if you watch it and want this 45 secs of your life back. At least it has a bit of a great Jeff Beck tune in it.



  1. I loved the Newport area, glad to see some additional things to do 🙂 Sheri

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