Posted by: newenglandsup | April 12, 2009

Standup Paddleboard World Downwind Map

I mentioned this briefly in another post but I wanted to give it a home of its own.

I’ve started a Google map of worldwide standup downwind runs. The map is set up so that anyone that sends me their email address can collaborate and add locations. If you would like to participate don’t worry about your email. I’ll only use it to send you the link so you can join in.

We currently have 8 collaborators that have added maps on Maui, Cape Cod and Antigua. Obviously there are thousands of great places out there. We would love to see spots that you have done or think would be a great run.

Adding routes is easy. I’m going to add a tutorial very shortly but it really isn’t necessary. The tools are pretty basic. Some of the neat features are the ability to add photos and videos in the text box associated with the route added.

If you zoom in on Cape Cod Bay you’ll see the Provincetown to Plymouth run. I’ve included a video of last Octobers nor’easter at Plymouth to show what it would be like coming in at Plymouth Beach. If you click on the red line you’ll open the text box with info about the run and the link to the video. If you prefer to view it directly in Google Maps…here’s the link.

Join in…downwinding is going to be a fast growing segment of standup. If you don’t get on board you’ll find yourself left behind…bad pun intended.

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