Posted by: newenglandsup | March 31, 2009

Nantasket Fantastic!

Just getting around to posting about last Thursday’s session at Nantasket. Waist to chest and clean. I jumped the quality of my surfing a bit that day. There is a post on the zone about compressing enough..something that I wasn’t doing until now. I made it easy on myself and took out the big board but focused on getting down and pushing off on my bottom turns. All of a sudden instead of cruising turns on the 12-6 I’m carving hard and slicing back up to the lip. What a difference! Get low, push hard through the bottom, unload at the top, do a little dance to trim, get low again. I fell a lot at first but after a couple of hours it felt great and I was making turns much different than any I had before. Next step…do the same on the 11-2 and 10-6.

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a bit lazy of late. Tending to take out the 12-6 just because I’m so comfortable on it. I really need to push myself. Not only will my surfing ability get better on my smaller boards but I think I’ll get better vestibular therapy which is what started this whole thing for me to begin with.

It’s time for me to refinish the 12-6 anyway. She is looking pretty beat up. A paint touch up, new pad, and a new clear coat. I’m going to install some leash plugs up front too so I can tie down gear for a summer expedition I have in mind. Camping trip to the Chatham Bars.

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