Posted by: newenglandsup | March 25, 2009

Plymouth Beach Goes OFF!


That was the 1st thing that came to mind when I saw the 1st wave come over the outer shoal at Plymouth Beach today. I’ve been waiting for this day almost since I first jumped on my board. I realized early on that with the right conditions this could be a great surf spot. Today proved that to be true. Only thing i could have asked for is a little more glass and my head to be cooperating. My balance was definitely off today…just one of those days…not bad but it made a difference.

It was a little tough getting out past the shore break and even tougher getting past the 1st shoal, the place where I usually surf. I wanted to get to the outer shoal. It was FIRING! Head high plus constant with an overhead set coming in every 5 or 6 minutes.

When the swell is coming from the northeast with a light wind this is the place to be for me. I know that Nantasket and Scituate and Marshfield are all working too but there is a slight difference. There is a focal point to Plymouth Bay out in front of Sandy’s Restaurant that seems to reinforce the energy in the waves when they are this big. That and the fact that you have multiple offshore shoals to work with (200-300 yds out) which gives a multitude of breaks, lefts and rights, and long rides…and I’m not even talking about getting over to Brown’s Bank…that’s a whole different day.

I finally made it out when I realized there is a bit of a channel on the right side towards the cliffs. I immediately got pounded by an overhead wave that I was too deep for…these waves were big and THICK. Much more than I’ve ever seen here before. I got pounded so hard it blew the paddle from my hands…1st time that’s ever happened. Then it happened again on the very next wave when I made a late drop and pearled…damn!

I started to get the feel for them and finally had myself some great rides….long rides, fast rides….woooohooooo rides! I surfed for 4 hours until the sun went down. There were still nice waves coming in and it was even glassing off. Hope they stick around for tomorrow.

Fighting my way out before I realized there was a channel to the right.

You can just see the edge of the outer shoal in this pic far to the right. Good thing Sue isn’t a pro photographer. In her defense the batteries died in the camera but still….40 shots of me paddling out, 1 of me walking in…no surf? Must be a good book..:)

Good thing I have the Go Pro. But even that flaked out on me today…some condensation causing it to turn off….aaaarrrggg! I thought it caught some fun rides despite my spinning head! Oh well…at least it caught this wave. It caught one other and some poundings on video but I need to edit those. Maybe up tomorrow.
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  1. Bob, that’s awesome! The site is great, and I love the narration too. I’ve got some distance training planned and we are looking really hard at making the CCBC! The waves have been fun lately so I haven’t gotten any long runs in this week. The second week in April there is a Standup Paddle Surfing Association (SUPAH) seminar and downwinder, on the south shore, so that will be eye opening I’m sure. Keep up the great posts and videos, I show them to everybody at work, they’re getting stoked watching the “wetsuit crew”! – Scott

  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks! I hear the SUPAH clinics are great. DW from NC Paddle Surfer attended one while he was out there (see links) and really enjoyed it. Was impressed with what he learned.

    Be great to have you folks out for the CCBC!

  3. I’m excited, will be trying to get out 4 or 5 days a week, but will survive with 2 or 3 🙂 So, I switched my WordPress name back to submariner, so I’ll have the same name for everybody…I was losing track!

  4. I think i was surfing with you that evening. I paddled out on an 8’6” and surfed the inside sections.

    what a great session!

  5. Hi McWilly,

    That was pretty amazing for Long Beach! I saw you catch some nice rides on the inside. It was tough getting on the ones on the outer shoal even on my standup. Not quite enough wall unless it was real big then all of a sudden you’ld be faced with a deep drop when the overhead set would roll through. I caught a few big ones but then moved inside myself for some more consistant rides. Was tired of getting pounded by the big whitewater.

    See you out there next time its working!

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