Posted by: newenglandsup | March 24, 2009

Wellfleet Closeout

I was going back and forth between hitting Nantasket or the Cape on Sunday and based on what I could see on the wave cams the Cape won. From what I hear that was a bad choice. Nantasket is about a 35 minute drive for me, Wellfleet 1:15. I was anticipating some really good conditions and when I finally pulled up to the parking lot I was stoked….swell peeling off into the distance. Then I looked closer. The waves were coming in straight from the east, no angle at all, and they were big. They would wall up and the whole thing would come crashing down…..uh oh!

I had brought 3 boards with me. Even though I’ve chunked up with significant winter weight I figured I’d give the 9-8 a chance if it was glassy. It was but I only tried it on one wave…fought my way out through the shore break…there’s a slight channel to work with in the sand bar. I watched a few waves go by and then tested my timing on the 9-8. The board was under water so it wasn’t moving too fast. The waves were all head high at least. I waited for what looked like one of the smaller sets for a test run and let the 1st two waves help move me into position then started paddling like mad for the 3rd….I still just barely made it and when I finally got over the top it was late….shit! I dropped like a rock and hit about halfway down the face. the board went squirrelly on me but I managed to hold on just long enough to have the wave close on top of my head. OK…that’s not going to work…lets put the 9-8 back for another day.

I pulled the 11-2 out and that was better. I was still having a difficult time getting onto waves for some reason though and as fast as the waves were closing out I wanted to catch them as far out as I possibly could. It wasn’t a day for practicing my turns. I would have been wearing waves on my head all day from slowing down. Just dropping…hanging on for a short sharp ride and getting off. Time for the 12-6.

The 12-6 is the only board I have a cam mount on so the animoto below is all Go Pro pics on that board. I need to figure out a way to stick a mount on the EVA pad of the 11-2 and 9-8. I’m going to get one for my C4 10-6. The 12-6 is the board that I learned on and I still love this board. I need more stability than most folks and it excels there but it also surfs really well for a big board…especially with a guy my size on it. It catches swells much earlier than anything else I’ve been on in the surf. I started catching rides further out and was able to get positioned better and get out in front of some of the waves so I could actually surf and not just run in front of the whitewater.

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I can’t wait to start doing some demos this summer. Excited to share the stoke with folks that want to get into the sport. There are lots of great places to take a standup board here in New England where you can avoid the crowds for surfing or cruising…downwind runs…this is going to be a fun summer!

newcombs hollow

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  1. I was out the same day south of you. Yes it was a straight on shore swell but I did manage to get some good rides!!

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Yeah I hear you. I was at Newcombs. I stopped at Whitecrest on the way out and even there they looked better. I think the way they were coming in the south beaches were the way to go. That picture of the nice looking wave in the animoto is at Whitecrest on the way out. If I hadn’t brought 3 boards with me I probably would have been at whitecrest (its where I normally go) Didn’t feel like schlepping 3 boards back up the dune…:).

    I had some fun rides but I had to fight for them.

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