Posted by: newenglandsup | February 16, 2009

Maui Bound

Headed to Maui for the Race/Distance Board Showcase. Can you spell STOKED?

This should be an amazing time. A collection of some of the best race and distance boards there are all in one place just waiting to be paddled. I’m just as excited to meet some of the cast of characters that will likely be there…and especially looking forward to spending some time on the water with my fellow zoners.

We’ll be hitting the ground running…eerr…water paddling that is…fly in on the 26th and we’re in the Kihei Canoe and Kayak Club’s Son’z 18 mile relay race on the 28th. My 1st race. Brother Bill just asked and I said sure….haven’t been training….heads been acting up lately…hope I don’t make an ass of myself..:) Spending every day between now and then on the water paddling hard. Not much time to make up though.

Boardshorts and a rashguard….damn that sounds good!



  1. Where are the updates!

  2. Hi Dwight,

    I know…I was thinking I’d update the trip as we went but we’ve been beat. You may have noticed even my posts on the zone are down…:). I’ll make one all inclusive post when we get home. Having a great time…not much swell to be had but making the best of what there is. And downwinding is a blast…you’ll love those new boards. You’ve inspired me to do the same.,

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