Posted by: newenglandsup | January 30, 2009

Starboard Demo’s

This spring and summer I will be demoing some of Starboard’s boards here in New England…mostly on the south shore of Mass and the Cape. Right now I have the 9′-8″ x 30″ Element, the 11′-2″ Blend and the 12′-6″ x 30″ Cruiser.

I hope to add a couple more to the mix if possible. The new lineup of boards from Starboard is very impressive. From the sleek new K15 downwind/cruiser to the 8′-5″ x 28″ Tiki and the broad array in between they have a board suited to every taste, style and pursuit.

The 9′-8″ x 30″ Element
9-8 x 30 element

The 11′-2″ Blend
11-2 blend

The 12′-6″ x 30″ Cruiser.
Starboard 12-6 x 30 cruiser

I’ll post info on dates and locations here and you’ll also find info at Sailworld in Buzzard’s Bay…the local Starboard dealer.

To see more info on Starboard SUP’s including the full 2009 lineup, news & events, shops, the Starboard forum and more, go to:


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