Posted by: newenglandsup | December 21, 2008

Worked for the Workout – Part Deux

I had some grandiose plans for a double session today. The first to be an ass kicking in violent nor’easter conditions at Plymouth Beach. Then a leisurely paddle of the inner harbor with everything covered in snow. Finished with a bowl of some of my favorite chili and a Newcastle Brown Ale at the BBC in Plymouth.

Then I slept in……and had to shovel my way out, despite having already done that last night. We got another 8″ after that and the plows put a nice 18″ heavy wet barricade across my driveway.

So I hit the water about 1:00…still snowing…what happened to it being sunny today? I was expecting the wind and chop but not wet snow coming at me sideways at 25 mph.

Finally dug out…by the time I finished a fresh 1/2″ coat was already on my truck. I wish I had trained Samba to shovel snow.

I decided to take my 12-6 for this outing. i knew it was going to be a mess of chop and wind and I figured I’d need all the stability I could get. Only one problem. I need a new pad on it. I’ve worn this one smooth…slick actually. My boots are a little on the smooth side too and its snowing hard. I dig through my bag for some wax…shit, where the hell is the damn WAX? Oh well…lets go.

I ended up doing a lot of this. The board was slicker than snot. It might have been OK if it was warm and I was barefoot but it was cold, snowing and I had boots on.

My daughter showed up after I had been there an hour or so and started taking these pics. Of course she just missed the only ride of the day of any consequence….even that was straight in…no turning on slippery boards. The pic quality isn’t very good I’m afraid. She was using her digital zoom and there was a bit of snow falling but you can see me getting worked. My wife says when I got home. “Nicole called and said she got some good pictures of you getting pounded…I want to see”….figures.
I took one fall on a big wave and the board stretched the leash hard and it came whipping back got caught by a heavy wind gust and started spinning around its length…it was a blur it was moving so fast. Glad it didn’t come back at me.

Here’s proof that Sasquatch SUP’s

I did manage to stand occasionally but with no grip on the board it was a losing battle. I’m going to stop and get some wax tomorrow.

I eneded up catching a few waves on my knees and trying to jump up but that proved even worse. The board was just squirting out from under me.

Still a fun couple of hours on the water with a few waves under my belt and a very invigorating workout. i don’t know of many things that are as tough to do as trying to work your way out against these kind of conditions. I’m good for 6-7 hours of regular condition surfing easily and usually want more. I’m beat after 2-3 hours of this.

I never did make it in for the leisure paddle of the inner harbor or to the BBC for that pint. I had to settle for a hot chocolate with some peppermint schnapps when I got home. Still a fun day.



  1. I think you qualify for the most hard core SUP person alive. I love to SUP but you’d have to force me at gun point to get out in those conditions you’re in. Right now we have 60 degree weather in Hawaii and I’m freezing.

  2. Hi Evan,

    It’s all what you get used to. If you had grown up in this you would think it was no big deal. I’ve been known to give off steam while shoveling snow in shorts and a t-shirt…I generate a lot of heat.

    Hey…make sure it warms up before I get there. While 60 would feel pretty warm compared to todays session I’d prefer 80…:)

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