Posted by: newenglandsup | December 7, 2008

Somedays just aren’t meant for SUP

It isn’t that the snow kept me away from the water or that it was too cold. I’ve gone out with much deeper snow and colder weather.

It was what the snow represented that kept me home today. Suzanne wanted to get the house decorated for Christmas, my daughter came over to help make wreathes, and a good friend of hers whose family has been coming to our tree farm for 10+ years to dig up a live tree for Christmas was planning to come over . I knew she would show up despite the snow.

We woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of powder covering the ground. We had breakfast looking out at the front yard with the hemlock branches frosted and bending under the weight.

As much as I love the water one of the other things that makes living in New England special is snow, especially snow close to Christmas. How can you not love it when you’ve poured your heart into a Christmas tree farm for many years and you have a view like this out back?

I wish so much that I had found SUP 4 years ago before I decided to no longer maintain and run the farm. So much of the work required I just couldn’t do any longer before SUP provided the therapy that solved the balance problems the doctors couldn’t. As much as I enjoyed my walk in the snow today it was quiet without family’s and their kids here to choose their trees.

Samba put a smile on my face. She still loves the snow too even though she is an old lady now. At 15 she’ll pay for this romp in the snow tonight. An aspirin and a heating pad will help though. It’s the least I can do for all the friendship, loyalty, and joy she has brought all these years. I’m so afraid this will be her last Christmas. She’s aged so fast the last couple of years. I have to make sure we take a lot of walks and rides in the months ahead.


Nicole’s friend Jess came over to get her tree, bundled up and ready to work. Luckily the ground isn’t frozen yet so the digging was pretty easy. She’s gotten pretty good at this. By the time I got out there to help she was almost done with the digging. Good timing on my part.

This was a great day despite the lack of surf…:) We made some nice wreathes for the house and for some special friends, we laughed a lot, saw some old friends, the feeling of Christmas is starting to settle in. The lights and decorations are all hung, outside and in…just the tree remains for next Sunday.

Of course…..all this probably wouldn’t have mattered if the surf was REALLY epic…:)


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