Posted by: newenglandsup | December 6, 2008

Getting worked for the workout!

This session was from mid-October but I forgot to get it posted before now. Very fun session in a howling nor’easter. Despite the titling in the vid I found out later the wind was actually at 40 mph with gusts to 50. I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t make it out to the outer break where the waves were looking a lot more fun. But I understood why after finding out what the wind speeds were. I actually was hoping to paddle out a mile or so to make a downwind run back in on the swells but just couldn’t get out there.

My wife thinks I need babysitting in conditions like this though if something actually did happen I don’t think there is much she could do about it. It was tough enough with a SUP and being in good swimming condition. I love this kind of workout though and actually feel very safe. Being in the middle of all that violence is amazing and 3 hours of it is like 2 days in a gym.

Note the vote of confidence my wife and daughter give me in this…sometimes its so tough being the only guy in the family. Then to top it off I get dissed by my daughters boyfriend as he’s telling the Secret Service (Hi Charlie) all about me eating it…yes Jason…the camera does have audio too.


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