Posted by: newenglandsup | November 17, 2008

What makes New England special?

How about head high plus and glassy on a beautiful sunny day and I’m the only board in the water for 3.5 hours of great surfing? OK…it was 47 degrees and the water is only 51 but still. Miles of beautiful beach and I’m the only person in site. The Cape Cod National seashore is a well known summer playground but the best waves start hitting the shore when the tourists are gone and as the temps start dropping.

A wetsuit is a small price to pay for such an experience. You can keep the crowds and waiting your turn. No worries about drop ins or wave hogs. Plenty of room to roam. I surfed leashless for the 1st time today. Had to swim occassionally but it felt great not to have to worry about tangling. Free to walk around. I wouldn’t do it if there were others out…not fair…but it felt nice today.

I need to remember to get some fresh batteries for my camera…pulled up to the edge of the dune and looked down….corduroy marching off into the distance. Pulled the camera out to get a shot and nada.


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