Posted by: newenglandsup | November 16, 2008

Thar she blows

Don’t get excited guys.

Lots of whale sighting the last two weeks along the Cape Cod National Seashore. I was lucky enough to share the water with a few last Saturday and Sunday at Wellfleet. Looked like a humpback cow and calf and a couple of others on Saturday…just outside the break. Fun to have them so close in. Did you know that whales have very bad breath? At least one of these did…think fish market dumpster in August. Bunch of seals hanging around too with Buddy (who seems to always be there) giving us the stinkeye.

Great waves both days. Saturday was the nicer of the two. Chest to head high and glassy. Hooked up with some of the crew from The Cape Cod Bay Challenge on both days. Saturday it was just 3 of us Jody, very much the local who grew up on this beach, teaches locally and lifeguards here in the summer, Tom, a friend of Jody’s and myself. It’s days like this when New England surfing is at its best. You hear of the crowds on the west coast and the islands and some of the issues the crowds bring and here we are with this beautiful beach all to ourselves…..too cool.

Sunday was almost as good when the 3 of us were joind by Jerry Paul and Dino….damn…getting crowded. The whales were still hanging around but the waves were slightly smaller (waist to chest) and a little more wind offshore…still a great day on the water. What made Sunday really interesting was testing out my new 9-8 Starboard. What a blast…very surprised it worked so well for me. i really bought it primarily for my wife. Figuring I might try and ride it occasionally. I can tell you right now it’s going to be a lot more than occasionally. Whenever it’s big and glassy you’ll find me on that board for sure.



Paul on the Cape

Photo credits: Lynn Wilson



  1. It’s worse if they blow on you. I had one spew on me when I was sailing the Hobie. It looks like water, but it’s snot.

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