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Simply Amazing

Jeremy Riggs making Maliko look easy. Great vid of a down wind run

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It’s Official…Spring has been cancelled

In favor of immediately going to summer.

At least that’s what it feels like on this the second dy of spring. 80 plus and sunny, beaches are busy, even folks in the water. I’m liking this part of climate change.

Thoughts of summer lead me straight to thinking about the CCBC events we have coming up. What a great summer this is going to be.

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Big and Bumpy

Windy and rainy, but not bad for the 1st of May. A few of the CCBC crew hit a local spot Saturday and it was going off. 1.5, 2x overhead. The wind and very shifty peaks made getting on one tough but when we did it was a wild ride. I’ve been on bigger waves but the double overheads I caught today were meaner somehow. Must have been all the rebound off the shore and the two points.

The paddle out was tough. Rocky shoreline and boulder strewn water makes for a tough entrance ,and exit as you’ll see. Took a few on the head. My buddy Craig’s leash snapped on him so he had a fun swim before he even caught a wave. There were 6 or so shortboarders on the left peak so we jumped on the right. Breaks a little smaller but more consistant. 3 hours of scrambling for waves on my 9’er and I decided to go in for my 12-6. Mistake…even though the 9 was tough with no glide in the wind the 12-6 was bouncing all over the place in the crazy rebound. The picture looks clean but that was a rare lull.

The day was going great. The sun even came out. Then I tried getting out. The tide had come up and the waves were now crashing hard against the rocks. This wasn’t going to be easy. I was the last one in and the other guys had all gone through an interesting exit. Mine was just painful. Slammed onto the rocks and washed around a bit. I’m going to be sore and bruised for a week.

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Cold Stroke Classic

Nice vid of the Cold Stroke Classic.

Watch Dan Gavere blow past at about 2:25 (elites started 5 minutes after rec) on his way to 1st place finish despite breaking the handle on his Ke Nalu at the start of the race.

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eBook on Choosing a Paddle

Brother Bill has put together a pretty nice little eBook on choosing a paddle. Skewed to Ke Nalus of course but great info regardless of your paddle brand of choice.

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Just add water part II

OH well…..I was in denial on Sunday night. I’ve been sick all weekend and kept thinking it would be better by yesterday…surely by today…nope. Stuffed up, coughing up chunks of lung…just doesn’t mix with paddling and definitely not surf. If conditions had been special I might still have gotten out for a bit but for small slop…not worth it.

Here’s some proof that all you need is water. Easy Rider at the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Central Canada….frozen solid outside, trunking it inside, priceless.

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Just add water

This is the longest stretch of time that I haven’t been on the water since I started SUP in late 2007.  I wasn’t even off the water this long in 2009 when I missed a month and a half because of brain surgery. Last session was just before Christmas. I’m going absolutely nuts.

Tomorrow I’m getting out for a paddle in the afternoon and hope to score some small surf. Tuesday I’ll be on the Cape from the looks of the forecast…..just add water.

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First Shipment of Ke Nalus in

And beautiful they are. There’s been a lot of talk about the extraordinary improvement the 1st generation of Ke Nalus represents to standup paddles. The extra clean entry and great catch, no wobble stroke, clean easy exit that rewards an efficient stroke, the almost antigravity seeming lightness. I think the amazing technical qualities of the paddles have overshadowed how beautiful it is when form really meets function. Fluid seeking carbon fiber art.
Molokai - Moliko - Wiki

Molokai - Moliko - Wiki


Molokai - Moliko - Wiki




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A post a day

So much for what I said below,,,:). Just not enough time in a day.


OK…I need to revive this thing and I have a good excuse to do it. I’m going to try and get lean and mean for the upcoming racing season. Lot’s of races to get in shape for this year most especially the CCBC events of course but I’m also going to try and make as many others here in New England as possible…maybe a couple of road trips as well.

I’m going to document my progress here. Starting this coming weekend I’ll be charting my diet and exercise. A post a day with at least that…hopefully more as well. I’ll be setting up a training calendar and I hope to get on the water at least 3 times a week. Wish it could be more but the rest of life gets in the way. I’ve also setup a workout circuit in my backyard for days when I can’t get on the water but it’s nice to get out and for the days I can’t do either at least a good aerobic workout inside. The focus is to lose weight. There’s no getting around it.  Lighter equals faster on the water. I also need to build my endurance. If all goes as planned I should be a lean machine come fall surf…..fingers crossed.

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NewenglandSUP and Kenalu Paddles

Ke Nalu logo
If you haven’t heard the buzz yet about the new Ke Nalu paddles you soon will. My brother Bill and his partner Lane have created a paddle that is blowing folks away with how great they are. You would think that a tool that has been around as long as a paddle wouldn’t have that much room for improvement. All you have to do is read through the comments posted on standupzone to understand they have something special.
247 comments in the post and every person that has posted a review is amazed.

So you can see why I’m so stoked to be the Ke Nalu dealer for the north east. 3 blade sizes available, Wiki-8″ (84 sq. in.), Maliko-8.5″ (95 sq. in)., and Molokai-9″ (105 sq. in.). Shafts in 100 flex 90 and 60 (60 being the most flexible) 4 handle types, Ergo, ergo T, regular T, and extended ergo T (allows for adjustable length).  The 8″ Wiki is the lightest paddle on the planet….442 grams….crazy light. They’re all light (Molokai is just 499 grams) but that’s just nuts….feels like a feather. They also grab water like bigger blades, have zero flutter, and enter and exit the water so smoothly you almost wonder if there is anything there.

Another awesome feature is how they are constructed. no ferrule joining blade to shaft so no edge just smooth carbon. They have a carbon fibre  I-beam reinforcing the shaft blade connection and are as tough as padddles that weigh 2-3 times as much. The coolest thing…they go together with hot glue. If you happen to run over your blade or crack your handle on a rock or something you can easily order a new piece and fix it using just a blow dryer. After having dealt with fixing other manufacturers broken paddles and what a pain it usually is how cool is that.

I’m going to be doing demos all over New England and the northeast (look for a calendar here shortly) and if you’re interested drop a comment here and I’ll schedule one near you.


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